SOMERVILLE, Mass., Dec. 3, 2019 — Podimetrics, a care management company with the leading solution to help prevent costly and deadly diabetic foot ulcers (DFU), announced the VA began regional implementation of the Podimetrics SmartMat™ on December 1 as part of broader efforts by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to confront diabetes and its complications.

The Podimetrics SmartMat™ is now in use at 15 VA medical centers, and will be available to all veterans across the country through their local Prevention of Amputations for Veterans Everywhere clinic providers. In addition, the VA’s Veterans Health Administration Innovation Ecosystem is implementing a pilot program using the mats at VA facilities in the southeast, where some of the highest DFU rates are found.

“The Veteran population is particularly vulnerable to limb loss due to diabetes. Partnering with the VA gave us an opportunity to have an immediate impact on the health and quality of life of those who deserve our support the most,” said Jon Bloom, CEO of Podimetrics. “The results and adherence rates we have seen in the VA already are incredible. This is a significant step for our company, and we are looking forward to sharing this solution with veterans across the country.”

About 1 in 4 veterans have diabetes, and last year the VA treated more than 75,000 DFU cases. While DFU are but one complication of diabetes, they have a devastating effect on patients’ lives, often leading to debilitating injuries, amputations, and even death, and they are a significant driver of health care costs — a single DFU-related amputation costs on average $100,000. The VA alone spends more than $3 billion a year on DFU treatment.

The Podimetrics SmartMat™ uses thermographic monitoring of a patient’s feet to help clinicians identify early signs of diabetic foot ulcers (DFU). Patients simply stand on a cellular-connected SmartMat™ for 20 seconds a day. The data is then seamlessly and automatically sent to the Podimetrics care team, which helps address any concerning findings to help patients receive appropriate, preventive treatments under the direction of their clinician.

In a 2017 study, which included investigators from VA Healthcare Systems in Miami, Phoenix, Greater Los Angeles, and Long Beach, the Podimetrics SmartMat was able to detect 97 percent of DFU as early as five weeks before they would otherwise present clinically, and 86 percent of participants used the mat with clinically significant frequency. Podimetrics has seen similar outcomes at other VA medical centers. In fact, another facility found 84% of veterans are using the mat almost daily. Adherence is critical because it allows preventative care to take place before a patient develops a DFU.

Podimetrics was founded in 2011 by a physician, engineers and graduates from MIT and Harvard. Its SmartMats™ are FDA-cleared, have the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Approval, and are manufactured in Massachusetts.

About Podimetrics
Podimetrics is a care management company with the leading solution to help prevent diabetic foot ulcers (DFU), one of the most debilitating and costly complications of diabetes. On behalf of payers and at-risk providers, we send high-risk patients our FDA-cleared, cellular-connected SmartMat. After placing their feet on the mat for just 20 seconds a day, patients’ data are automatically sent to our care management team to help address any concerning findings. By combining cutting-edge technology with best-in class care management, Podimetrics earns high engagement rates from patients and allows clinicians to achieve unparalleled outcomes saving limbs, lives, and money. Founded in 2011 by a physician and engineers from MIT and Harvard, Podimetrics is headquartered in Somerville, MA and backed by Norwich Ventures, Scientific Health Development, and Rock Health. For more information, go to or follow us on Twitter @podimetrics.